Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hoodie Chicks arrive

Hoodie Chicks arrive.

I almost feel like a father again as the pair of Hooded Plovers successfully hatched 3 chicks on The Australia Day weekend.
They endured amazing weather which included 40degree+ heat , strong South Westerly change, sand blasting, marauding Gulls, raptors and inquisitive terrorists (tourists) with unleashed dogs.
The battle continues to protect these tiny chicks through to fledging. No wonder they are a threatened species.

Hooded Plover and 2 chicks

Assassin Gulls waiting for a feed

Hooded Plover & 1 chick

Unleashed dogs are a problem, but not this one

Black-shouldered Kite, also hungry

Swamp Harrier looking for dinner


  1. Congratulations! Fantastic news that all three hatched. I hope you can keep the predators away.
    LOVE the dog and geese/ducks photo - more please!

  2. I do hope the chicks survive. A kestrel managed to get one of 'ours' near Barwon Heads the other day :(

    1. we have not been to site for several days, Birds Australia has been netting and banding. The birds probably need a day or two to settle down. Great excitement, 3 nest sites , 0ne with 3 , one with 4 and one still hatching. If the predators stay away should be some good results. Very strong S winds and high tides over last 4 days may do some damage.
      thanks for reply